Congressman Jeff Duncan Leads in Establishing Nuclear Energy Blueprint for Nation

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Jeff Duncan has released a Blueprint for Nuclear Innovation and Competitiveness to help chart the course for the nuclear energy agenda in the next Congress and facilitate policy discussions among both lawmakers and industry leaders. The blueprint highlights policy priorities in the nuclear energy industry in the realm of fuel, licensing and NRC modernization, financing, and spent nuclear fuel.

“The United States has the technological and engineering capabilities to be the world leader in nuclear energy, and we must modernize our current system to ensure the United States’ nuclear dominance,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan.“For the United States to maintain a geopolitical advantage and strong national defense, the ability to provide affordable and reliable energy to consumers, and meet climate goals of the 21st century, it is essential to advance the nuclear industry by streamlining and modernizing regulatory hurdles that disincentivize private sector investment.”

“As it now stands, our adversaries like Russia and China are outpacing the United States in nuclear energy development. Advancing our nuclear industry should be a priority in the next Congress, and the nuclear energy blueprint will start the conversation on what needs to be done to ensure our dominance in the nuclear energy industry,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan.“Nuclear energy is affordable, reliable 24/7/365, and is the number one source of emission-free power. Nuclear will play an integral in our energy future, and the Nuclear Blueprint will no doubt help pave the way for a more robust future for nuclear energy. I am grateful for Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ leadership in uniting the Energy and Commerce Committee on this issue, and I look forward to what we will accomplish in the 118th Congress.”

Comments on the Blueprint from Other Leaders in Nuclear Energy Policy:  

“When it comes to providing reliable and affordable energy, nuclear energy is undeniably one of our most efficient and cleanest options. As we strive to bring down prices and increase America’s energy security, it is critical that we invest in nuclear as a key piece of an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy portfolio,” said Congressman Jay Obernolte.

“As we approach the start of the 118th Congress, the potential opportunity to enact much-needed nuclear-related policy on a bipartisan basis has never been greater,” said Congressman Byron Donalds. “The need to establish American nuclear leadership worldwide directly impacts our country’s national security, and manifesting America First nuclear energy policies is a step in the right direction to signify American energy independence and global dominance. We must roll back the burdensome, expensive, and unnecessary nuclear-related red tape while simultaneously promoting innovation and participation in the nuclear industry as a whole. If so, the United States will once again regain its prominent international leadership role as our country and the rest of the world prepare for the next Nuclear Renaissance.”

“As demand for nuclear energy grows across the country, it’s critical to have leaders like Jeff Duncan working to advance the conversation on nuclear’s essential role in our carbon-free future,” said Beverly Marshall, Vice President of Government Affairs, Nuclear Energy Institute

“We are at the beginning of realizing advancements in nuclear technology in this country that could only be dreamed about just a few years ago, which is why it’s so important to have leaders like Jeff Duncan work to advance the conversation for how we can expand the use of nuclear power throughout the United States,” saidBud Albright, President and CEO of the United States Nuclear Industry Council.

“America’s nuclear energy industry is innovating rapidly – designs are getting smaller and more efficient, and we need to keep up to date with how our regulators review, site and approve advanced nuclear energy projects. We applaud Rep. Duncan’s Nuclear Blueprint for recognizing that the U.S. can lead the world in nuclear energy and clean energy deployment,”  said Rich Powell, CEO, ClearPath Action.


Click HERE for the Nuclear Energy Blueprint and HERE for the accompanying Dear Colleague letter. Click HERE for more coverage.

Background of Congressman Jeff Duncan’s Nuclear Competitiveness and Innovation Blueprint:

  1. Fuel: Establish a secure fuel supply and an advanced reactor fuel supply.
  2. Licensing and NRC Modernization: Reform the licensing structure at the NRC to incentivize advanced reactor development and keep the existing fleet of reactors online.
  3. Financing: Ensure tax and financial policies do not disincentivize nuclear energy investment.
  4. Spent Nuclear Fuel: Develop a long-term fuel-management program with a permanent repository and recycling/reprocessing.

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