Leader McCarthy Announces Transition Teams for the 118th Congress

Washington, DC – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has established Transition Teams for the 118th Congress to ensure that a Republican Majority is ready to get to work for the American people on Day One.

These Transition Teams will each be composed of a cross-section of members to address three core priorities as Republicans prepare to lead the House of Representatives. These teams are:

  1. Commitment to America Implementation, led by Republican Whip Steve Scalise
  2. Oversight and Accountability, led by Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member James Comer and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan
  3. Restoring the People’s House, led by Congressman Bryan Steil

Leader McCarthy released the following statement on the Transition Teams for the 118th Congress:

“The House Republican majority is getting right to work. These Transition Teams will ensure we hit the ground running on issues that Democrats have ignored or made worse for the American people under one-party rule, all while shutting out our fellow citizens from the People’s House.

The Commitment to America details our vision for the majority and we will move to put that into action on Day One.  At the same time, our committees will be prepared to immediately start holding this Administration accountable for its incompetence and abuses of power. Finally, unlike the Democrat majority over the past two years, our Republican majority will restore the people’s voice inside the People’s House.

I want to thank each of these Members for their leadership and look forward to working with them over the days and weeks to come.”  

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