Congressman Joe Wilson Joins RSC Taskforce Members in Introducing Slate of Bills Combatting the Iranian Regime

WASHINGTON, DC – Members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) introduced a slate of six bills targeting Iran and preventing the Biden administration from reviving a nuclear deal with Iran.

The bills were rolled out Friday and through the course of this week and are led by: RSC National Security Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson (R-SC), Representatives Pat Fallon (R-TX), Bryan Steil (R-WI), Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Cory Mills (R-FL), and John James (R-MI).

     RSC National Security Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson said, “As Chairman of the RSC National Security Task Force, I’m grateful to lead this effort to push back on the Biden administration’s failed policy toward the Iranian regime which jeopardizes U.S. national security. The Iranian regime continues enriching uranium, oppressing the Iranian people, and exporting missiles and terrorism. Now that the Republicans are in the House majority, we will pass legislation to continue to pressure this brutal regime. The RSC will play a vital role in this effort.”

     RSC Chairman Kevin Hern (R-OK) said, “The RSC has not forgotten about the Biden administration’s continuing attempts to re-enter the Iran deal or enter into an even worse agreement – but the Biden Administration hopes no one is paying attention. Biden’s presidency has thus far been defined by foreign policy disasters. RSC members will not allow him to put more lives at risk. Biden’s weak posture on Iran is empowering bad actors around the world; we must put a stop to it before it’s too late. The RSC’s National Security Task Force will play an integral role in pushing the House to legislate on this issue. RSC’s Members have done incredible work to introduce these bills targeting those failed policies and protecting Americans from a dire threat not only to the United States, but to the entire globe.

     Representative Pat Fallon said, “The Ayatollah’s continued oppression of the Iranian people and support for terrorism abroad makes it clear that Congress must ensure the enforcement of sanctions. The Sanctions Enforcement and Financial Institutions Transparency Act (SEFITA) would require a twice yearly review of foreign financial institutions suspected of dealing with State Sponsors of Terrorism. Sanctions are only effective if they are implemented. SEFITA will ensure that this happens.”

     Representative Doug Lamborn said, “Congress must ensure that our actions to counter Ayatollah Khameini’s aggression towards the United States, our allies, and the Iranian people are fully implemented. The Closing IRGC Sanctions Loopholes Act requires the President to conduct regular reviews of the Iran sanctions lists and clarifies existing law to ensure no individual affiliated with the IRGC evades penalties and sanctions. The United States must continue to stand with the Iranian people against their repressive regime and advocate for democracy and basic human liberties.”

     Representative Cory Mills said, “Today, I’m proud to introduce the Reinforcing Sanctions on Iranian Terrorists Act. This legislation codifies sanctions against Mahan Air, an Iranian airline that has been demonstratively proven to be integral to the IRGC’s terrorist activities. Mahan Air is currently sanctioned, but this administration has demonstrated a clear willingness to compromise with terrorists. This bill is essential to prevent these terrorists from being considered for sanctions relief, except unless they terminate their support for the IRGC or any other terrorist organization or activity. While President Biden and his administration refuses to stand up to adversarial nations, I will work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure authoritarian regimes do not go unchecked.”

     Representative John James said, “Despite opposition from both parties and no support from our Israeli and Arab allies and partners, Joe Biden insists on negotiating a flawed nuclear deal with Iran. Moving forward, Congress must be in the driver’s seat for any negotiations with Iran on a nuclear agreement. That’s why I introduced the ‘Address Iran’s Malign Posture Act.’ Not only does it require the Biden administration to work with us to address Iran’s nuclear efforts, but it also targets any financial support to Iran’s most dangerous organization—the IRGC. This is about standing with our allies and defending our own national security when others will not.”

Read more on RSC’s efforts to thwart a new Iran deal in the Free Beacon.


Background Information

RSC National Security Task Force Chair Joe Wilson’s bill uses an Executive Order from President Obama to sanction Iran’s government leaders, police and security forces, and IRGC leaders.

Rep. Pat Fallon’s bill tightens the screws on international financial institutions to prevent them from doing business with Iran.

Rep. Bryan Steil’s bill prohibits the President from using licenses to lift sanctions on terrorists in Iran unless those terrorists stopped engaging in terrorism. This would block the loophole which allowed President Obama to use General License H and other licenses to lift terrorism sanctions mandated by Congress.

Rep. Doug Lamborn’s bill expands and strengthens sanctions on the IRGC to include affiliates.

Rep. Cory Mills’ bill maintains sanctions on Mahan Air, which the Iranian regime uses to transfer terrorists to Syria, Venezuela, and other places. This restores Trump-era sanctions.

Rep. John James’ bill requires Treasury to concentrate on sanctioning those elements in Iran which are working to harm Americans here in the United States and designates any agreement with Iran as a formal treaty, requiring congressional approval.

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