Congressmen Wilson, Allen Introduce Resolution Condemning CNN for Complicity in Hamas Attack

Washington, DC – Representatives Joe Wilson (R-SC), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia along with Representative Rick Allen (R-GA) introduced a House Resolution condemning CNN for its photojournalists identified by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as “accomplices in crimes against humanity” with the massacre on October 7th.

Representative Wilson responded to this report in the New York Post, “The American people deserve the truth and accountability for what has taken place within our legacy media organizations, especially as they promote crimes against humanity.

“It is disgusting that CNN is complicit by having photojournalists pre-positioned with Iranian-puppet Hamas terrorists as Israel was being invaded on October 7th. There is absolutely no justification in the Journalist Code of Ethics for not warning citizens of Israel, including 33 butchered Americans with 20 Americans kidnapped to be tortured. As a former editor of my high school, college, and law school newspapers, and a former summer reporter with The Post and Courier in Charleston, I am even more disgusted by media subverted to be mass-murder Iranian puppet propagandists.

“CNN’s complicity is comparable to having a camera crew pre-positioned on 9/11 at time of massacre to secure clear footage of hijacked jets striking World Trade Center as advised by Osama Bin Laden. As FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of a terrorist attack in America and even President Biden acknowledges a coming Lone Wolf attack, CNN has a duty to warn of potential mass murder, not be an accomplice. With Biden open borders, The New York Post and Washington Times reveal American families at risk today.”


The text of the resolution is available here.


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