Senator Graham: Democrats Have Yet To Make A Serious Proposal To Fix Border Security

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement after President Biden and Senate Democrats tried to shift the blame for the broken southern border caused by their failed policies.

“Democratic Senators are expecting Republicans to put duct tape on a national security nightmare. You can forget that.

“After months of informing my Democratic colleagues that we cannot pass the supplemental without real border security, we still do not have any legislative language as to what they will agree to. Republicans shared legislative text with Democrats months ago.

“A real, serious effort to solve this problem requires translating ideas into legislative language so that we can move forward.

“President Biden and Senate Democrats are refusing to make any meaningful reforms on parole, one of the tools used by the Department of Homeland Security to flood the U.S. with illegal immigrants.

“For almost 3 years, the Biden Administration, supported by liberal Democrats, has allowed our southern border to become a national security nightmare. There is no way we can fix our border security problems until the Democrats change their attitude. It’s not about time. It’s about attitude.

“Israel and Ukraine will be able to continue to defend themselves until next year. Every day that goes by without a secure border, the chance for another 9/11 goes up. At the beginning of December, FBI Director Wray testified that he’s never seen a time where all the threats are elevated at exactly the same time, and that there are blinking red lights everywhere he looks.

“He underscored that post-October 7, there is a ‘veritable rogues’ gallery of terrorist organizations calling for attacks against us’ and that these groups know they can exploit our southern border.

“The proposals being made by the Republicans are not being answered.

“Another show vote on the supplemental – with inadequate or nonexistent border security measures – does not move the ball.

“I am glad to go back home to South Carolina and say I am not supporting the needs of other countries until we take significant steps to secure our southern border. What the Democrats are proposing continues the disaster they created.”

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