Palestinian leader sentences 7 year old Palestinian boy to death

by Earl and Kathleen Cox

It seems paying salaries to terrorists is more important to the Palestinian Authority (PA) than continuing to pay for the highly successful, though incomplete, leukemia treatment for a seven year old Palestinian boy in Israel’s Ichilov Hospital.  Since his diagnosis in 2015, Majed has been receiving cutting edge treatment in Israel by Israeli specialists but the heartless PA recently ended his treatment. The family of Majed Muhammad Majed Ah-Sha’er has appealed to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, to change his decision but as of today, it remains the same.  Young Majed is being used as a political weapon against Israel. In keeping with their “victim hood” narrative, the PA is claiming that young Majed could die and they are blaming it on Israel!

The Palestinian Authority is currently facing a dire, but self inflicted, financial crisis due to a decision by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to drag the Palestinian economy into an abyss.  Rather than use the revenue in their coffers to pay for much needed medical care for Palestinians like Majed, the PA would rather direct their financial resources to preserving the PA’s policy of encouraging terror by rewarding terrorists and their families with generous salaries.
Israel put an end to the Palestinian “Pay for Slay” program by withholding the amount ($138,000,000) the PA admitted to using from the tax revenues collected by Israel on its behalf, to pay salaries to terrorists.  The PA views terrorists as their soldiers and therefore they claim to have a responsibility to pay terrorists and their families who are acting on behalf of the Palestinian Authority by fighting the enemy – Israel.  So, in order to make up for the shortfall in revenue needed to pay the terrorists, the PA has decided to cut medical payments to Israel for the treatment of those Palestinians who need medical care beyond that which is available in Gaza or the West Bank.

Israel has collected more than $138,000,000.00 in tax revenue on behalf of the Palestinian Authority but the PA is refusing to receive the remaining tax money.  They want it all or nothing without regard to the hardships this creates for Palestinian people like Majed and his family. Such decisions have little impact on Palestinian leaders, such as Jibril Rajoub, who recently received medical care at the same Israeli hospital where young (though poor) Majed was receiving treatment.

Abbas’ decision to refuse the tax revenues from Israel is based on the PA’s basic principle that the terrorists – all of them, without distinction between stone throwers and murderers, between members of Fatah or Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and so on – did not carry out acts of terror but only did what the PA “ordered them to do” therefore they are soldiers and deserving to be paid.

Israel is willing to give to the PA the funds it is withholding if the PA will agree to stop their “Pay for Slay,” or “murder for hire,” program. Thus far they have refused.  The Palestinians would rather send young Majed and others like him to early graves rather than stop paying murderers to kill Jews.  This is pure evil.

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