Start-Up Nation made of Stand-Up People

by Earl and Kathleen Cox

As of this past Sunday, Israel has been expressing cautious optimism that they are now on the downward side of the coronavirus curve.  This is based, in part, on the declining number of people on ventilators. Israeli officials believe they have miraculously managed to halt the spread, but it was not without challenges.  While Israel was swift to put protective protocols in place along with drastic stay at home orders, some communities, such as the ultra-Orthodox, were slow to adhere to the government’s policies. So, while the country is experiencing some much-welcomed stability, the situation within the ultra-Orthodox communities is still a bit tenuous.  As is true the world over, some are simply slower to apprehend their social responsibilities, but they are catching on.

From the onset, Israel has been constantly looking for ways to rise above the pandemic crisis and it seems they have a bit of Divine guidance. Like the rest of the world, Israel’s doctors and nurses are, or rather were, in need of personal protective equipment also known as PPE.  But, unlike many countries, there is an Israeli company operating in China which produces protective medical equipment, so Israel’s shortages were only temporary.  Furthermore, while Israelis are under orders to stay in their homes and refrain from traveling more than 30 meters (approximately 90 feet) even to walk the dog, those who must go to the store or pharmacy for essentials are handed a face mask and hand sanitizer at the door. Nothing has been left to chance.

Since the beginning, Israel has had to lookout for its own.  But, as always, in looking out for themselves, others also benefit. Israelis are quick to share their witty inventions with the world for the betterment of all mankind.  Israeli doctors, scientists and engineers have been working around the clock for many weeks studying the virus and ways to alleviate suffering and possibly even develop a vaccine.  They are making progress.

For good reason, Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation.” God has blessed them with inventive minds and hardy, pioneering, spirits.  In fact, major corporations have their research and development departments in Israel and for good reason.  Israelis are well educated and smart.

For slightly more than a week, a team of Israeli scientists and engineers worked on developing an inexpensive ventilator system and they succeeded. Using a handful of off-the-shelf items and the motor from a snowblower, they developed an emergency ventilator for patients in difficult situations. Their invention, they stress, is for emergency use when standard ventilators are not available. Costing only between $500.00 to $1,000.00 to make, this group produced twenty of these machines and shipped them to physicians around the world that they may obtain approval for use from their respective governments.  Eager to help others, these Israelis made the schematics, software coding and instructions completely open source on the internet thereby allowing anyone in the world to have access, including the Palestinians and the Iranians, both of whom have sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  In fact, they’ve given everyone permission to freely use the information, even if it’s for profit.  Seems the “Start-Up Nation” is made up of “Stand-Up” people.

May God continue to bless Israel and her people who, in turn, bless the world.

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