Senator Cornyn: Hamas Sympathizers ‘Divorced from Reality’

WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the important battle for public opinion surrounding the Israel-Hamas War and condemned anti-Israel rhetoric on college campuses, in the halls of Congress, and in protests across U.S. cities.

“Anti-Israeli rhetoric has spread like wildfire across social media. It’s taken root at elite college campuses and even here in the halls of Congress.”

“This past weekend, we saw the latest chapter in blaming the victim as thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Washington, D.C., to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.”

“They carried signs that said, ‘Free Palestine,’ and ‘Let Gaza live.’ They accused Israel of being an apartheid government and outrageously said the United States was supporting genocide.”

“I find it deeply disturbing to see this view shared by so many because it’s completely divorced from reality. These protesters have the entire problem completely backward.”

“Hamas is not a victim. Hamas is the aggressor in every possible sense, along with its state sponsor, Iran.”

“War is not just a battle of brute force – it’s also a contest for public opinion.”

“Hamas goes to great lengths to shift the narrative and build sympathy. It’s not a new strategy but deeply disappointing to see how many Hamas sympathizers are found on American soil.”

“We have a responsibility to call out and correct the falsehood and mischaracterizations that are spreading in our own country. We have a responsibility to do our best to inform the American people about the facts and to make sure they understand who is the aggressor and who is the victim.”

“In the end, I believe, we have a duty to stand with our ally, Israel, as it does what is needed to root out the terrorist threats in its own country.”

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