WASHINGTON —  U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy to highlight Republican policies that have lifted millions of Americans, particularly those in minority communities, out of poverty and helped them live out their version of the American dream. Senator Scott also warned about Democrats’ open border policy that endangers Americans as millions of illegal immigrants drain U.S. infrastructure and resources.

On the damage Bidenomics has done to the American Dream… “Young people today are devastated economically because inflation is up again and the Biden economy is destroying their ability to buy a house. When interest rates are over 7% to buy a home, people just can’t afford it. In this economy, things could not be worse for people trying to buy their first house, and that devastation is showing up in the disapproval numbers for President Biden.”  

On how Americans are unified in their dream for security and opportunity… “You think about the Hispanics in our country, they want safe streets, they want safe communities, they want safe schools. The bottom line is this: the Democrats thought immigration was the number one issue for Hispanics. The actual truth is, taking care of their families, family values, having good jobs, having inflation come down – those factors impact negatively for President Biden’s support amongst Hispanics. The good news for us, we have proven in the past – and we should do it again in the future – that we can create the most inclusive economy, create more than 7 million new jobs, where the Hispanic unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our country.”

On Democrats’ disastrous impact on minority neighborhoods… “I went to the south side of Chicago and had a conversation with an almost 100% Black audience about how our future depends on quality education. When you look at New York City today, the poorest kids are stuck out of schools because they’re using those schools for illegal immigrants… you look at the fact that in the south side of Chicago, reading proficiency is really, really low – we need school choice, we need opportunity.”

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