Congressman King's petition is great beginning to ObamaCare's repeal

Months after the worst piece of legislation in American history -- and the most costly piece of legislation estimated to cost upwards of $2.5 trillion -- was passed, the massive effort to repeal Obamacare is growing. Polls show that this highly unpopular piece of socialism is still opposed by the American people as much as it was during the year-long debate and votes in the Democrat-controlled Congress.

A solid majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed. Even the selfish corporations, which gave the final impetus to passing Obamacare by supporting it, are now realizing what a terrible pact with the devil they made to cut out special exemptions for themselves. They are dropping health care plans, increasing health care costs to their employees, and writing off huge expenses due to the imposition of Obamacare on their companies, etc.

Free Speech Loses Battle in the U.S. House

The Democrats won a very narrow victory on Thursday in the United States House of Representatives when they passed their clearly unconstitutional "DISCLOSE Act" H.R. 5175. Considering the fact that the Democrats overwhelmingly control the House of Representatives -- as they do the United States Senate -- the 219-206 vote was close indeed.

It is quite obvious, the 36 Democrats who voted against the "DISCLOSE Act" and against their Democrat leadership are hearing the footsteps of the American voters. Only two liberal Republicans, Mike Castle, running for governor of Delaware and the freshman from Louisiana, Ahn "Joseph" Cao, voted for this First Amendment-stifling legislation.

Democrats attempting to regulate free speech and bailout old media

The reformers are at it again with yet another attempt to criminalize political speech and campaign activity.

From the government’s Department of Perverse Acronyms comes the “DISCLOSE Act”, which stands for “Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections”.  How clever.  And how disingenuous.

It’s being championed by New York Democrat Chuck Schumer in an attempt to get around this year’s Supreme Court decision which threw out restrictions on freedom of speech for unions and corporations in political campaigns.

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Israel Faces its Most Hostile U.S. President

"The Wall Street Journal" had as its headline this morning: "Israel's Isolation Deepens."  Is it any wonder when the president and his administration have taken each and every opportunity to raise up the Palestinian cause at the expense of our greatest ally in the Middle East.  The "Journal" reported this morning that Israeli officials believe that the Obama administration's public criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government "has been seen as a green light by some European nations to press Israel further."    

What happened off of Gaza last Monday was an intentional provocation by a pack of radical Palestinians and their supporters on a flotilla of six ships including a U.S. passenger ship, the Challenger I, a ship probably filled with aging over-the-hill anti-Vietnam War protestors and other such leftists desperately seeking attention.     

Dr. Franklin Graham Was Wronged by the Obama Administration

On this National Day of Prayer, Dr. Franklin Graham is praying at the National Day of Prayer event in the Cannon Caucus Room  --  where, incidentally, Hillary Clinton was a staffer while President Richard Nixon's Watergate investigation leading to his resignation was being conducted  --  right across the street from the United States Capitol Building.
Just a couple weeks before today's event, a radical terrorist-supporting group called the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), forced the Obama Administration and his Defense Department to disinvite Dr. Franklin Graham to the National Day of Prayer event in the Pentagon. 

Republicans Need to Hold Firm on Stevens' Replacement

The president will have another opportunity to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.  Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, the leader of the left-wing bloc on the court, announced his retirement last week.  The balance of the court will not be changed since there still will be four commited liberals and four commited conservatives and a swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy.  As an aside, it is interesting to note that far too frequently, a number of Republican nominees, who are touted as conservatives at the time of their nomination, ultimately turn out to be liberals, as in the case with David Souter, Earl Warren and John Paul Stevens.  

Married Couples Will Pay Thousands More Under ObamaCare

Liberal Democrats have been determined in their desire to destroy the institution of traditional marriage between one man and one woman for decades. If any more evidence is needed about this fact, it is provided in both versions of ObamaCare which were passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate late last year.

The "Wall Street Journal" reported that "Some married couples would pay thousands of dollars more for the same health insurance coverage as unmarried people living together, under the health insurance overhaul plan pending in Congress.

"The built-in 'marriage penalty' in both House and Senate healthcare bills has received scant attention. But for scores of low-income and middle-income couples, it could mean a hike of $2,000 or more in annual insurance premiums the moment they say 'I do'".

It's Time to Let a Little Sunshine In

For years, Congressman Pete Sessions, Republican from Texas, and Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the conservative House Republican Study Committee have been trying to let a little sunshine into the congressional committee proceedings in the United States House of Representatives.   

One would think that after campaign promises from both the president and the speaker of the house that the Democrats would conduct the most open and honest White House and House of Representatives in history; that the Democrats would not be fighting the transparency which would be gained by the passage of House Resolution (H.Res. 874.)  The resolution would require that all roll-call votes in House committees be posted on their respective websites within 48 hours of each vote.  

Coalition Guest Commentary - Sen. Lindsey Graham: Clean Energy Bill Should Balance Security, Economy and Environment

Our nation stands at a crossroads as many significant issues have been ignored for decades. Among them is energy independence and passing along a cleaner environment to future generations.

As a conservative, I have always believed we can and should be better stewards of God's creation. I also know we can strengthen our economy and national security by becoming energy independent.

Last year we spent more than $440 billion on foreign oil and now find ourselves more dependent on overseas supplies than at any other time in our nation's history. Sometimes our money even goes to fund enemies bent on our destruction.

And who will ever forget last year's $4 a gallon gas? America has been held hostage by foreign cartels far too long and it's now time we do something about it.

Maine Becomes 31st State (31-0) Rejecting Homosexual Marriage

In a stunning rebuke by the citizens of Maine yesterday, the law passed by the Democratic-controlled Maine state legislature and signed into law by Democratic Governor, John Baldacci, to allow homosexuals to marry, was resoundingly defeated.  The American people continue to overrule their elected officials on this issue, time after time, and it seems these politicians never seem to learn the lesson.  

By an average of about 70%, voters in 31 states, including the liberal states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, and now Maine, have rejected homosexual marriage.  In the case of Maine, the Democratic-elected officials were determined to bypass their citizens and force such "marriages" upon the citizens of Maine.  The citizens rose up and voted a resounding NO!  

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