Repeal and Replacing Obamacare

The pro-abortion Obamacare legislation which passed the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress in early 2010 and which accounts for 1/6th of the American economy must be repealed and replaced with the commonsense reforms advocated by the majority party.  The first major bill passed by the Republican-controlled 112th Congress on January 19, 2011 was indeed the repeal of Obamacare and it passed overwhelmingly by a bipartisan majority.

Christian Coalition of America is determined to eliminate the most onerous provisions of Obamacare, which among many other faults, forces Americans to pay for abortions with their hard-earned tax dollars.   Obamacare also forces Christian owners of businesses to pay for abortion drugs, contraceptives, and other services which are against the consciences of these business owners.  The Christian Coalition of America will work to defund and ultimately eliminate each part of Obamacare.

Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress pushed a drastic government takeover of our nation’s health care system – without our support! Now it’s time to repeal it!

Their big-government scheme:

  • Mandates taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Limits our choice of doctors
  • Will cause health care costs to skyrocket – followed by tax increases
  • Cause millions of Americans to lose their current insurance, forcing them on the government plan
  • Eventually make it illegal to buy or sell currently available individual insurance plans

Unless Americans take action immediately, this bill could become law in just a few months! But we can stop it. We simply must stand together and speak out with an overwhelming voice and say “NO”!

We must demand that Congress repeal this bill! We can demand real reform that will bring down health care costs. We can demand an end to the junk lawsuits that run doctors out of business and drive up our insurance rates. We can demand portability and the ability to purchase insurance across state lines. We can speak out for true free market reforms, not government run schemes that stifle innovation, ration care and increase our taxes. We can demand reform that focuses on empowering personal choice and freedom – not government!

Say “Yes” to real solutions. And Tell Congress “NO” to a government takeover of health care! Tell them to REPEAL ObamaCare!

Sign the petition to stop the government takeover and demand a repeal of ObamaCare!

“We the undersigned stand opposed to any government takeover of our health care system.  We oppose so-called “reform” that would limit our choices, ration care, increase taxes or mandate the funding of abortion.

“We call on Congress to focus on solutions that empower consumers, increase individual choice, end junk lawsuits and respect the dignity of life – not empower government!”

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